April 17-19, 2019

We are thrilled to offer this year's conference attendees the opportunity to spend a night in the wilderness of the Pennsylvania mountains with survivalist Marco Yuracheck. In addition to the indispensable survival skills that you will learn, this overnight course will qualify you for an additional 9.75 credits towards your FAWM!

This is an amazing opportunity and we hope that you will take advantage of this unique experience. 

Teaching these courses is how Marco makes his living (because being awesome, eating squirrels and starting fires with sticks doesn't otherwise pay the bills) so we do have to charge extra for participation in this course.  

Pricing will be as follows:
Students (limited number of student spots available) for $100
Residents/Prehospital/Nurses: $150
Attendings: $200

If you are interested, please email (ERdocHudgins@gmail.com) directly.

There is a limited number of spots available so claim your spot early!  

It will be an amazing experience for anyone lucky enough to participate. Below is a description from Marco regarding the event.  

Course Description:
I will be taking a small group into a pre-selected wilderness area while allowing them to carry only minimal supplies. These supplies will include the combination of what they will be able to carry in their pockets as well as any primitive tools that they will have made in earlier conference workshops. This will give the group a chance to try utilize these tools in a wilderness enviornment while having to rely on them and experience their limitations. We will demonstrate water procurement as well as how to build a shelter and acquire additonal resources.  As we walk into our camp area we will identify and procure both wild and medicinal plants. We will also examine and identify animal trail patterns and behavior. We will collect things that may help us be comfortable for the night. 
Then, when we reach a good site, we will prepare camp, build a shelter as well as a fire, purify water, and, if we are lucky enough to have harvested anything delicious, we will have dinner. We will also cover limiting our impact on the area as well as bathroom usage. The environment will determine how we establish our camp for the night. We will snuggle in for a long cozy evening. The next day we will identify ways to improve our situation, explore our area for new resources, and demonstrate land navigation while finding our way home. For those who choose, we return to civilization to spin boastful tales of surviving in the wilds of Penn's Woods.

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