April 17-19, 2019

2019 Conference Schedule* 

Spend a night out with survivalist Marco Yuracheck on the last night of our conference while earning eight extra credits towards your FAWM! 
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How to Survive the Unexpected Night Out

8-9am Lecture - Desert/Arid Medicine
9-10am Lecture - Expedition Medicine
10am-12pm Workshops (Choose two)
- Basics of Wilderness Medicine
- Water/Submersion Injuries
- Jungle Medicine
-Extrication Course (2 hours)
12-1pm Lunch
1-2pm Lecture - Extreme Cold Medicine
2-3pm Lecture - Arthropod Borne Illness
3-5pm Workshops (Choose two)
- Bug-out Bag
- Portable Ultrasound in the Wild
- Airplane Medicine
- Extended Rescues in the Wilderness (Thailand Soccer Team Cave Rescue Lecture)

6:30pm-??? Pizza Pool Party

8-9am Lecture – Marco’s Story of Survival
9-10am Lecture - Trauma Management in the Wild
10am-12am Workshops ((Choose two)
- Extrication Course (2 hours)
- Survival Skills: Water Disinfection
- Cruise Ship Medicine (2 hours)
- Solar Injuries, Prevention and Treatment
12-1pm Lunch
1-3pm Wilderness Adventure Race (Identification, Treatment, and Transport of Back Country Illness and Injury)
3-4pm Lecture - Dive Medicine
4-5pm Lecture - High Altitude Medicine

7:30pm-??? Bonfire and S'mores

8-9am Lecture - Medical Kits for Expedition Medicine
9-10am Lecture – Travel Medicine
10am-12pm Workshops (Choose two)
- Women in the Wild
- Survival Skills: Shelter Building
- Survival Skills: Fire Building
12-1pm Lunch
1-2pm Lecture - Aerospace Medicine
2-3pm Lecture - Intoxication and Envenomation in the Wild
3-5pm Workshops (Choose two)
- Wilderness Emergency Canine Care
- Backcountry OMT
- Survival Skills: Orienteering
- Survival Skills: Knot Tying

1-5pm  ***Overnight Survival Skills Course ***

                                    Surviving the Unexpected Night Out 

This year included with this event is a survival skills course with Survival Expert Marko Yurachek

Friday 1pm-5pm (Survival Skills Course)

Learn from the master himself everything from starting fires to building shelters and what you need to know to survive the unexpected night out

Friday 5pm- Saturday 11am  (Overnight Expedition)

Survival Topics Included:

Overview of Survival Techniques
Water Procurement
Safety and Security while Traveling
Clothing Selection for Wilderness Survival
Cold Weather Hiking and Trekking
Survival Kits
Food Procurement
Wilderness Survival
Leave no Trace Camping/Hiking
Survival Shelters

***Extra fee required for overnight event and survival skills course***


Surviving the Wild, Saving the Sick 

* Conference schedule may be subject to change. 

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